We help you strike accurately and most importantly strike while its hot.

We go beyond letting you create extensive, multi-faceted campaigns to help you immediately build on consumer behavior and response.

Sleek & Effective Campaign Builder

With our easy-to-use application, build your own perfectly personalized email campaigns from the ground up. Use our polished, editable templates or unleash your creative energy.

Automated Responses & Triggers

Don’t let hot leads grow cold. Use automated responders managed by triggers defined by you and immediately follow-up with consumers when they sign up or take action.

Advanced List Segmentation

Forget ineffective monster lists. Make the most of your research by making your subscription lists mirror your market segmentation. Divide, manage and target your consumers as you like.

Powerful Analytics & Tracking

Analyze your campaign from every angle. Don’t miss another stat and track your campaign’s performance with easy-to-read statistics. Understand what works, so you can fine-tune your next move.


  • Unique email delivery techniques ensure your messages get opened.
  • Enjoy true commitment our servers are dedicated to you. Sure, sharing is great when we were kids. But for marketing teams, sharing often translates to sharing ISPs with spammers. We guarantee that your ISP is devoted only to you.
  • Get real-life technical support and even campaign assistance directly from our experts based in Brooklyn.
  • Watch your campaign performance as it unfolds. Witness the power of real-time monitoring and analyze open rates by campaign and market segmentation.
  • Don’t find yourself wishing for more information on performance, behavior, and usability again. Our solid analysis tools help you understand and learn from your consumer interests.

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