How do you connect with consumers?

Email campaigns are a powerful cocktail of strategy, design and message.

Stand out with a timely, polished message that truly connects. But don’t stop there. Let us help you go the extra length.

Expertly create and send emails. Easily manage your lists to match your market segmentation and market research. Understand how leads react and interact with your email, and then leverage that knowledge to enhance your connection. With these expert tools, understand, respond and satisfy the needs of consumers, accurately.

Create Emails

  • Build emails in a easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface. Don’t worry—that just means it’s a smooth editor in which what you see is what you get. Simple, right?
  • Enjoy ready-made, editable templates for a polished look or unleash your creativity and craft unique templates perfectly tuned to your brand.
  • Don’t worry about being left out again. Built-in spam check ensures your emails pass the test.
  • Does this look good? Effective inbox preview let’s you see your final email before you send it.

Send Emails

  • Run useful split tests to optimize your campaigns. Send email variations to a sample list, then schedule to automatically send the best performing email to your main lists. It’s market research made easy!
  • Convert leads into opportunities automatically. Define triggers so that you can automate removal of inactive leads from your list or automate sending follow-up emails when particular links are clicked.
  • Easily groom lists with bounce management. Remove invalid email addresses automatically by turning on bounce removal.
  • Understand consumer behavior with precise analysis. Each time a lead interacts with your emails, the activity is logged in their history. You can study the activity of a single lead to better target your next move.
  • Survey your leads with customized feedback forms. Enhance your strategy by harvesting reactions and explore their experience with first-hand feedback.

Manage Lists

  • Create an unlimited number of subscriber lists and craft subscriber lists of any size. Why? Because we just like to match your enthusiasm.
  • Define subscriber lists to mirror your market segmentation. Avoid unwieldy monster lists, and manage your rigorously researched market segments with care.
  • Import contacts with ease. No hand-transcription or copy-paste methods needed.
  • Don’t lose your leads. Manage your leads who’ve opted-out with a built-in suppression list.

Analyze Activity

  • Retrieve statistics quickly and analyze well-presented, easy-to-understand in-depth reports.
  • Easily customize the application and streamline it to your needs with full API integration and Google Analytics integration.
  • Witness and analyze behavior. Track open rates and discover what links are clicked and by whom, manage bounced emails and bounce rates.
  • Fully observe all activity. See who unsubscribes and see who forwards your email to a friend.
  • Add, remove, and modify to your heart’s content. Easily manage your subscriber lists according to
  • Enjoy full access to your suppression lists. See how many have bounced or opted-out to fine-tune your strategy.